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Britney Spears is about to reveal the biggest secret of her life: a massive deal worth 112 crores.

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Popular pop star Britney Spears got freedom from her father’s protection a few months back, and now she has signed a deal for her book for 112 crores. It is being said that through this book, many secrets related to the life of Britney Spears will be revealed.

Hollywood’s most popular pop singer, Britney Spears, is soon going to reveal many deep secrets about her life and for this she has dealt in crores. Britney Spears’s memoir is now going to become a writer. As “Page Six” reports, Britney Spears will now write a book for which she has struck a deal with publishing giant Simon & Schuster.

Many secrets will be revealed in this deal for 112 crores.

This book comes at a time when Britney Spears got freedom from her father’s “conservatorship” just 3 months ago. Simon & Schuster has acquired the rights to write a book about the life of Britney Spears. From this, everything from his life, relationships, career, family and controversies will be revealed. According to the report, this deal has been fixed at 15 million USD, i.e., around 112 crores.

Freedom from the father’s protection 3 months ago.

Let us tell you that just 3 months ago, Britney Spears was freed from her father Jamie Spears’s 13-year conservatorship. According to US law, a guardian is appointed by the court for an elderly or mentally ill person to handle his work. This is what is called “conservatorship.”

Britney Spears said, freed from her father’s “conservatorship,” I cried for two hours last night.

Pop singer Britney Spears on Tuesday thanked her fans and supporters for being freed from her father, Jamie Spears’, 13-year conservatorship. Jamie was given a conservatorship in 2008 when Brittany was suffering from mental problems. Then the responsibility of taking care of their children was also taken away from Brittany. Britney thanks her fans after being released from her father’s “conservatorship.”

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