Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Kanye West objected to Kim Kardashian’s petition amid a divorce case and kept these conditions.

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Kanye West objected to Kim Kardashian’s petition amid divorce case, kept these conditions

Kanye wants any communication to be done legally.

Kanye West is backing Kim’s request to be declared single but he also wants to make sure that any communication between him and Kim is part of the court record. Along with this, he wants that if Kim and her new husband make any decision on custody if Kim remarries, then Kanye will also be told about this.

  • Kanye kept these three conditions-
    Kanye has also put three conditions in front of Kin. Kanye says that ‘he wants to make sure that any money can be reimbursed if one of them dies’.
  • Apart from this, Kanye West wants to prevent Kim from transferring their mutual assets to any trust etc.
  • In addition, Kim wants Kim to give up her marital privileges until the final decision on custody.


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